Monday, April 05, 2010

All play and no work

Adrift: A Junket Junkie in Europe (Frog Books, Rs 150) by Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu is an attempt to portray the “sights, sounds, smells and tastes of an evereffervescent Europe with punch and panache”. Sidhu comes across as a passionate writer and an unpretentious individual. Here, she admits that she is not on some spiritual quest, neither is she on a journey of self-discovery. Her sojourn begins with the accidental discovery of an unutilized air ticket that sets her off on a trip during which she discovers the many joys that Europe has to offer — a surprise “Goa party” thrown by Indophiles in Germany, a legally-purchased joint in Holland, the sheer beauty of Vienna, picnics on the Hampstead Heath and so on. Sidhu’s book is pacey and humourous, but it lacks the analytical richness and contemplative quality that inform the works of accomplished travel-writers like Pico Iyer.
-- The Telegraph

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