Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reporters' Song

Yeh meetings yeh stories yeh feature ki duniya
Yeh insaan ke dushman, Quark ki duniya
Yeh deadlines ke bhookhe, editors ki duniya
Yeh page agar ban bhi jayee to kya hai.

Yahan ek khilona hai sub-editor ki hasti
Yeh basti hai murda reporters ki basti
Yahan par to raises se inflation hi sasti
Yeh appraisal agar ho bhi jayee to kya hai?

Har ek computer ghayal har ek news hi baasi
Designers mein uljhan photographers mein udassi
Yeh office hai ya aalame management ki
Circulation agar badh bhi jayee to kya hai?

Jalaa do, jalaa do ise, phoonk dalo yeh monitor
Mere naam ka hata do yeh user
Thumahra hai tumhi sambhalo yeh computer
Yeh paper agar chal bhi jayee to kya hai?

(Well, friends, as my new friend Salil Tripathi said, I should be mentioning the source of this great song; well, a friend of mine who works with the Times of India group, Nirmal Menon, had sent me the post and we have to admit that the source [or the author] of this magnum opus is not yet known. We salute that guy [or is it a gal], though.)

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Blue Monk said...

This song was written by one of the best crime reporters Mumbai journalism has seen, Prabhat Sharan