Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Discussing the Rape of News

Frog Books arranged a seminar at Wilson College, Mumbai, for its journalism students. The theme of the seminar was, "Should Papers Sell Editorial Space". Seen (from left) are: Sunil K Poolani, publisher and managing editor of Frog Books and the editor of The Rape of News, which tackled the issue; Kalpana Sharma, deputy editor, The Hindu; V Gangadhar, well-known media critic and senior journalist; Dilip D'Souza, columnist and activist; and Amirta Shah, cossulting editor of The Indian Express.

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Blogging One's Own Trinkets said...

But, why there is not a word on the deliberations. A
s somebody who has tried to promote the book in my own little way, I feel the workshop should have been covered here.